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Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools

Hello everyone, my name is Mabel Abram. My home was recently vandalized when I was out of town for a couple weeks. Upon returning home, I was shocked to see graffiti on the walls and flooring ripped up. I called a local contractor to give me a bid on the work. I elected to have the materials restored to their original state by the contractor. The job required replacement of some of the support materials, including floor joists and drywall. I want to lead people through the process of repairing damage to their home through this website. My site will teach people about building materials and tools used for repair and remodel jobs. I will also talk about material upgrades you can use for your floors, walls and ceilings. Thank you.

Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools

Using A Waterproofing Service For Your Basement And Crawlspace

Vanessa Stevens

The crawlspaces and basement of a house can be the areas of the property that will be at the greatest risk of suffering damage due to water intrusions and other sources. While any type of water damage can be a major incident for a home, it is often possible to minimize the risk of a number of costly problems arising in the home.

Minimize Musty Smells In The Home

Musty smells filling the interior of the home is one of the leading indicators that the house has a water intrusion problem in the crawlspace or basement. These odors will develop as a result of mold and mildew growing in the moist conditions that water intrusions and excessive condensation can create. In addition to potentially causing structural damage to the home, these substances can release spores or other substances into the air that can then seep into the living areas of the house. By having these areas of the house waterproofed, you will be able to prevent the conditions that mold and fungi will need to grow so that these problems can be avoided.

Avoid Potentially Costly Water Damage Repairs

When the interior of the home suffers water damage, it can be extremely costly to repair. Even minor issues such as mold and mildew growing in the crawlspace can be surprisingly expensive to repair. Rot or corrosion forming on structurally-important parts of the home can require major repairs that may not always be covered by your insurance. Waterproofing the crawlspace and basement may not be able to prevent all of the types of water damage that a home can experience, but they will dramatically limit this risk. If your crawlspaces or basement have already suffered serious water damage, these issues will have to be repaired before waterproofing work can be done, but this upgrade may help you avoid the need for these repairs in the future.

Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

It may not seem like waterproofing the lower areas of the home will boost overall HVAC efficiency. However, crawlspaces and basements can be a source of inefficiency for HVAC systems due to their tendency to allow drafts into the building. Waterproofing these areas will prevent these drafts from being able to form, as these areas will be coated with sealants and moisture barriers. This can be particularly true for those that live in older homes, due to the fact that crawlspaces can develop gaps as the building ages and settles into position.

For more information about how waterproofing services can decrease the risk of damage in your home, contact a local contractor.