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Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools

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Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools

3 Best – And Worst – Roofing Materials For A Neo-Colonial Home

Vanessa Stevens

Neo-Colonial homes combine the classic geometry of large Colonial homes with more modern updates in both style and materials. The eclectic vibe of the Neo-Colonial includes an ornamental, recessed front door and stately shutters along the tall windows. The main home has a hipped shape roof while any side wings have gable roofs.

If you need a new or repaired roof for your Neo-Colonial home, the architectural style of both the home and the roof can help determine your best – and worst – material choices. Here are a few options to discuss with your residential roofing repair service.

Best: Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles have become one of the most popular modern roofing materials due to the "best all-around" nature of asphalt. The shingles have a low price point and decent durability and can come fabricated in the color and texture of your choosing. The low cost is a particular benefit to a Neo-Colonial home since the large hipped roof, and any secondary roofs, add up to quite a bit of surface area that needs covering. High surface area can lead to high project costs if you use a more expensive roofing material.

Asphalt shingles do have one potential downside, however. If your home has a gable roof, make sure that gable doesn't take on a lot of direct wind. The steep sloping sides of the gable accelerate the oncoming wind and can loosen or otherwise damage the lightweight asphalt shingles.  

Best: Wood Shakes or Shingles

Wood siding is common on Neo-Colonial homes, as are wooden shutters, so it makes sense to stick with that theme when choosing your roofing material. Wood shakes and shingles both come from the cedar tree but differ in how the fabricators cut the piece from the wood. Shakes have a thicker, more natural roughness to the pieces, while shingles have a compressed, smoother appearance. The best option mostly comes down to your personal preference regarding the visual style.

Both types of wood roofing come in several stain colors. You might need to perform a bit more maintenance on this roofing material since wood can suffer insect damage and damage related to harsh weather conditions.

Worst: Metal Roofing  

Metal roofing fabrication has made the formerly industrial roofing more suitable for residential usage. While the Neo-Colonial does have a lot of modern twists, the metal roofing could look a bit too modern alongside the more classical elements of the house.

Metal roofing is also usually used when a roof needs additional drainage help, which isn't a problem with either the hipped roof or the gable roof.

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