Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools
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Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools

Hello everyone, my name is Mabel Abram. My home was recently vandalized when I was out of town for a couple weeks. Upon returning home, I was shocked to see graffiti on the walls and flooring ripped up. I called a local contractor to give me a bid on the work. I elected to have the materials restored to their original state by the contractor. The job required replacement of some of the support materials, including floor joists and drywall. I want to lead people through the process of repairing damage to their home through this website. My site will teach people about building materials and tools used for repair and remodel jobs. I will also talk about material upgrades you can use for your floors, walls and ceilings. Thank you.

Exploring Home Repair Materials and Tools

The Advantages Of Metal Building Homes

Vanessa Stevens

The pioneering spirit is alive and well in many Americans, who prove it by trying innovative methods and using surprising materials to build a home. Those who have the talent and tools to build their own home can use metal buildings as a base to build their dream home and metal buildings offer some surprising advantages as a converted home.

Ease Of Construction

Metal building kits are usually quick and easy to assemble, and can take a fraction of the time that building a home would. This means that people who are in a hurry to move in can dramatically reduce their construction time with an easy metal building kit.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a traditional home that uses siding and has pretty high maintenance, the metal buildings are essentially maintenance free. The metal will not require replacement or maintenance the way siding does, and will last for many years. If the metal is treated with rust protection, it will last even longer and thus make an excellent long-term investment.

Low Cost Of Living

The true key to having low utilities while you live in a metal building is a lot of insulation. As long as the building is very well insulated and airtight, you can enjoy the lower utility bills with these types of buildings. The metal will help hold in heat during the winter and the coolness of your air conditioner in summer. If you also use double paned windows and plant shade trees above your building, you can lower your utility costs even more.

Affordable Materials

While the cost of your metal building home will vary according to the size and materials used, many kits can start as low as $2.00-$4.00 a square foot, while building a new traditional home can cost from $95.00-$150.00 a square foot.

Although your metal building can cost considerably more once you figure in the windows, plumbing, wiring and extras like a porch or hot tub, you can still save a bundle with pole barn kits and metal buildings. The more of the work you do yourself, the less it will cost.

Before you dive into your metal building home project, be sure to check with your county and city officials and ensure that there aren't any local restrictions. Also, some mortgage companies will not back metal buildings financially, so be prepared just in case you have to completely finance your project yourself.

To learn more, contact a company like Claggett & Sons Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.